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Web Design

The term ‘web design’ is considered to include web graphic design, interface design, authoring, UX/UI design and search engine optimization but it primarily refers to designing the front-end look of the site.

A lot of attention needs to paid when designing the front-end look of the website. There are a lot of decisions that have to be made when it comes to this stage of developing a website such as deciding on the design language for the front-end, the tools to be used, and optimizing the design to fit the project perfectly.

Elements of Good Design

Since Web Design is such an important part of developing a website, what is good web design and how does it differ from bad web design? Here are a few principles of good web design.

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Focusing on Simplicity

One of the first major signs of bad web design is “overdesigning”. Good web design is simple and elegant. It does not rely on gimmicks or tricks and aims to make a website more efficient instead of slower and heavier.

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Good web design is a combination of style and accessibility with accessibility being equally important as even the best-designed websites are useless if they are not functional and lack readability.

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Beautiful Design Language

The colors, typography and the general design language used during the process of Web Design are beautiful and impressive on a nicely designed website. A significant difference is made by the quality of the design language used.

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Ease of Use

Good web design is completely focused on delivering a great user experience and interface for the user. Good web design ensures that the website is easy to use, the navigation simple, and the loading time to be super fast.

Good Web Design Matters

The quality of web design matters when it comes to websites because of a variety of reasons. The first obvious reason is that a good web design ensures a good first impression on the user, which is crucial in maintaining user engagement on the site.

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Our Services

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We provide a lot of web design solutions to our clients, including front-end architecture and design. We also offer re-engineering services and testing and performance tuning services.

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Our web design solutions are also in the domain of UI / UX development, CMS and e-commerce themes, custom JavaScript solutions and front-end development.



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