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Landing Page Design

Landing pages are single web pages that appear in response to clicking on an SEO optimized search result or an online advertisement. Landing pages also go by various names such as “lead capture page”, “static page”, and “lander”. 

The primary objective of landing pages is lead generation and the pages are usually filled with sales copy that acts as a logical extension of the advertisement, SEO link or search result. Landing pages are often linked in digital marketing campaigns such as email campaigns, social media marketing, and search engine marketing campaigns.

In the world of digital marketing, landing pages play a vital role as their main job is to create client engagement for the company. In today’s market, it is hard to come up with an original landing page that converts well. 

A good landing page isn’t easy to make but by keeping a few methods and practices in mind, we always deliver a landing page that looks great and converts well! 

What is a good landing page?

When we talk about what is a “good” landing page as opposed to a bad one, we talk about some topics that can make a landing page stand out from the rest and convert well.

Goal Oriented

By focusing on the ultimate goal that it is trying to achieve, a good landing page’s design is streamlined towards driving the interaction towards the desired objective.

A good landing page starts with asking the question, “What is the goal that we are trying to achieve?” Once that question is answered, everything else must follow the answer. A good landing page is designed keeping in mind the main objective that it is trying to achieve.

Focused on the Target Audience

Another core principle that good landing pages follow is that they are focused on the specific audience it targets. A lot of businesses and companies use the practice of using a different landing page for different online advertisements and social media marketing links. For example, someone coming from a facebook ad might see a different landing page than someone coming from a SEO search result. This allows the page to be more orientated towards the target audience.

Streamlined Towards The Call To Action

A good landing page is streamlined to the point where the complete user experience is mapped and all the pathways of possible user experience are driven towards the call to action activity, leading to better conversion rate.

The primary job of a landing page isn’t to explain the product or the offer in detail but to provide relevant information for a targeted audience and to convert them into leads or engagement for the company. 

Short Sharp Content

Landing pages are made with the intention of converting the visitor into a lead or to create engagement for the business. This is why good landing pages use context that is short and to the point.

Good landing pages do an excellent job of explaining the product or the offer to the target audience and use content that is very precise and short. A lot of landing pages also use animation and videos in order to explain the product which helps in increasing the converting rate.

Beautiful Design

A landing page should look good and be designed keeping the asthetics of the page in mind as the primary job of the landing page is to convert visitors into leads and without an attractive design, that is simply impossible.

Without a beautiful design, a landing page stands no chance in converting no matter how good the product may be.

Best Practices for Landing Page Optimization

Here are some best practices that we follow in creating and optimizing landing pages that are efficient, beautiful and convert well.


Ideally, the design of a landing page should be simple and streamlined to increase its conversion rate. However, trying to create a simple and functional design is a long way from being a simple task. When creating and optimizing our landing pages, we make sure to keep simplicity as one of our top designing principles in order to create streamlined pages that convert well.

Having Options and Picking One After Testing

The art of creating a good and effective landing page depends a lot on landing the perfect copy which is short, precise and converts well. This can be a hard process and good practice is to come up with a lot of options for a landing page and deciding on a final layout after testing out all the options thoroughly.

Using Testimonials

A good way to optimize a landing page is to include testimonials from previous clients as a form of social proof to give more incentive for your visitors to reach for the call to action button.

Optimize the landing page content for SEO

Utilizing the powers of SEO can do wonders for landing pages and by optimizing the content on the landing page for SEO, the landing page’s conversion rates automatically go up as many people start discovering it from a organic search.

Our Services

We design and create great landing pages that convert well. We work with our clients to create the ideal landing page for their digital marketing needs.

Using the latest web technology, our landing pages are designed to perfection and are streamlined towards the call of action. We have a history of working with clients who have never been anything short of satisfied with our services.



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