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Xamarin is the cross- development software that helps building applications with native API access,Xamarin is the cross- development software that helps building applications with native API access, native UI, and native performance base on the shared C# code base. Xamarin enables developing apps much faster with the automated testing and detect any bugs before shipping an app. You may build Cross-Platform Apps with Xamarin.3

Xamarin phone applications are built on the shared code base that allows developers to follow “write-once-and-run-everywhere” approach.

JD Softvera is delivering hybrid applications from its inception. We have the professiaonal team of developers hat delivers cutting-edge apps products on C# and Xamarin by scoping what is best for the clients. With the close working team includes of product managers, designers, developers, business architects, server assistants & marketers we provide complete Xamarin app development solutions.

A need to develop mobile applications quickly that can be used on many mobile platforms has actually fueled its demand of the cross platform application development. We’ve got expertise in developing the faster and less expensive Xamarin apps that will support each mobile platforms & devices.

Why Xamarin ?

Highly customizable

Xamarin allows you to get benefits of C# & .NET that makes it the most customizable technology. Our skilled developers have got knowledge of C# and Java thus, they will work efficiently in building your app successfully that will run over different devices and platforms.

Cross-platform app

Our professionals have an ability of developing the native Android & Windows apps by using 30% of the iOS app code. This saves on client’s time and investment to land application in the market. 

Code sharing over platforms

By utilizing Portable Class Libraries, you have to write libraries just once that can be used over multiple platforms. Also, you can select from the wide range of the available PCLs that will suit your needs.

We combine technology and practical knowledge to offer an ultimate result of our work in a form of the Xamarin app. Our clients achieve maximum ROI through affordable, efficient, and simultaneous app development service. So, what are you waiting for? Contact our professionals and discuss how we will transform your app development idea in the high-quality of Xamarin application.

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Why Choose Us? 

  • Our developers have good amount of experience and knowledge of working with the startups and big enterprises globally 
  • We have got specialists for the enterprise mobility & experience of delivering several app projects
  • We provide 24/7 technical help in case of any urgent requirement 
  • Our compliance and approach with the industry standards will benefit our clients
  • We provide secure and transparent app development procedure with the cutting-edge approach

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Jitesh and his team built version 1 of my system about 18 months ago and have been extremely helpful and responsive with updates in the mean time. My business has grown since version 1 and we are now developing version 2.0. I like fact that Jitesh has good English language skill as it's important to me to be able to discuss work over Skype. Highly recommend.
Jitesh and his team is exceptional when it comes to complex logics. They know what they do. And its not just their expertise but their support for even tiny things Makes me to hire them regularly.
I have first hired them for my website work back in 2016 and since then they are my go-to tech team. They have developed several mobile and web apps since then for me and I am very pleased with their service. Highly Recommended Best part always punctual for task.


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