2017 is long gone and web designing industry is welcoming the year 2018 with open arms. It was expected that this year will bring lots of possibilities and challenges to this ever-expanding field. It acted beyond expectations. Have a look at some of the key developments that website designing will face this year in 2018.


  1. The Animation Is Flourishing Than Ever


Animation not only adds fun and excitement to the design but it also helps in understanding certain ideas in a better way. Today, people love it when they come across short and precise stuff to explain something complex. Animation serves you that. The brands are busy in grabbing the attention of the users with the help of personality and storytelling. Here animation plays a major role. Not only this, it has also helped in making the brand better and stronger with more opportunities.


Therefore, 2018 has come up with animated logos. The companies want to keep it small and exciting so that they can explain a lot in a small space and a short time. Also, people just love using GIFs so they are surely going to make a comeback.


  1. Minimalist But Not Boring


Whenever minimalism is talked about, something very boring is imagined. But it will not be so with the web design. It will be bright but minimalist. Sounds good, right? Simple things are the trend and with the help of advancements in the monitor’s brightness, color saturation, etc. Minimalism will be a beauty to watch.


2018 will be all about bigger fonts and bold colors to add a beautiful factor to the design of the websites. Not only this, the use of quality photographic content will increase. It will be appealing and engaging to the users.


  1. Increase In The Use Of Artificial Intelligence


In 2017, chatbots were trending hugely. These conversational UIs paved way for many more voice user interfaces in the future. These had nothing to do with artificial intelligence until now but that does not mean it will not be so too in 2018.


The technical experts are studying the intersection between them deeply and there are chances that more and more studies are going to be published about AI systems and robots.


4.Content Will Be More Interactive Than Ever


Brands want the people to stick to them no matter what and that is why content has to be interactive and appealing than ever. The customers would love to be a part of something which is more personalized according to their interests. For instance, contests and quizzes. These help in bringing the customer closer to the brand and then delivering them the right thing.


  1. Mobile Websites And Application Is Going To Rule


As the companies have invested a lot of time in keeping the people connected with them through mobile applications and websites, 2018 is going to be all about the smartphones. The desktop browsing will be old school and the web developers will focus more and more on the needs of smartphone users.


  1. Website Design Must Be Sustainable


The internet is hugely depleting the energy all over the world. This has made a cause of worry for the environmental communities and that is why the huge reputed companies like Google, Facebook etc are being forced to keep it as low and possible and also adopt the sustainable energy alternatives here.


These companies are being forced to make the use of renewable energy so that the data centers can be powered this way without losing the energy. There are millions and billions of web pages which are providing slow services to the customers adding up to their frustration levels.


  1. Websites With Exciting Backgrounds


People are tired of watching the same old flat background for many years. Everything has changed and therefore, it is time for the background of the web pages. Gradient backgrounds are going to be the favorites for the website designers very soon. The major reason behind its comeback is screens, resolutions, and color quality are way better than before. So, it is considered to be the perfect time for its comeback.


The list has just not ended as there are more upcoming trends that need to be included here like bold typography, bio-metric authentication, use of colors etc. The most important thing that needs to be considered here is that the web design is not focusing the websites anymore. There are plans bigger than the ones that are anticipated.