As a  Social Media Marketer, you have to work hard to reap the maximum results from your marketing efforts. However, you can make your life easy by using some of the very effective tools. You can add these apps or tools to your SMM toolbox; they help improve content.  We are going to mention some of these tools in this post, check them out below.

  1. intoLive

Are you looking for an amazing iOS app for improving social media video quality and content? Just go for #intoLive

It allows you to edit any video or live photo. When someone performs “press and hold” on thumbnail image, it plays like live video. You can make your social media post a little more surprising by using this effect. One of my friends has used this app and created a post with thumbnail image that says “Press and hold”. When I did the same, I saw a short video on how to make any video effective. This free app allows you to unlock various themes and fonts.

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Make photos look like an oil painting or hand sketched, with the help of this amazing tool that comes with various such filters. You can transform any image in any type of artwork using different filters, themes and palettes.

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3. Twitter Analytics from AgoraPulse

You might have been using twitter analytics to track tweets and audience.  Twitter Analytics from AgoraPulse can be an additional tool that allow you to compare your twitter account (number of followers, amount of twitter activity and interaction quality) with your competitor’s accounts. Authorize this tool to access your twitter account and add  twitter accounts of other competitors that you want to compare with.

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4. Grytics

What would be more beneficial than identifying most engaged people in FB groups that you run for business purpose?  You can analyze most engaged people with your groups with the help of this tool which provides you the statistics based on engagement, most active members, analytic scores and top posts.

If you are looking for an amazing tool that can tell you about post likes, clicks and reactions and post data, then you should go for Grytics. You will come to know all about your most rewarding facebook group.  This is free and comes with lots of features.

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5. Let’s Enhance

This is a free web based tool that scales images up to four times without degrading their quality.  Sometimes when we enlarge an image, it becomes pixelated and blurred. In such cases, this tool can help. It uses neutral network technology to retain the clarity and fills in the missing details. You can blow up small thumbnails by using this amazing tool. You just need to follow these simple steps:

  •         Go to Let’s Enhance website
  •         Upload Image
  •         Let the tool analyze this image and kick it back to you
  •         Download it
  •         Enjoy amazing results in the form of clear and attractive graphics

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6. Wonderlens

This mobile app is used to create AR videos and still graphics. You can create interesting and attractive stories for social media marketing.

Just open this mobile app and Let it detect people through mobile. It will place these people in different backgrounds like outer space or more. You can use still backgrounds and free animated backgrounds or you can upload your own background too in this app. You can try all creative and stunning ideas with the ability to upload your images or videos. You can add arrow, stickers and text to your images or videos.

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7. Buffer

This is very popular and useful social marketing tool that allow you to schedule any post cross any social media platform. You can schedule posts as per the weekdays or everyday basis. You can follow up and evaluate your posts.

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8. HootSuite

This is very powerful tool that is simple to use. It allows you to schedule post in advance on various platforms and evaluate how content is performing on social media channels.

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9. Anchor Video:

Anyone can leverage Anchor’s new video creation technology, in the present day scenario, to instantly change audio segments into shareable and attractive, videos, starring transcription of every word that flawlessly syncs with your audio. There are six design policies that conduct the creation of an anchored video.

The videos normally have a narrative format, that is, they convey a story.

The anchors often incorporate installed data. This enables the student to find relevant information, make problem-solving goals, and engage in reasoned decision making

The videos are generative in design, that is, they direct the viewer to speculate about predicaments and subproblems that are in the anchor

The use of video is included to make the complexity easy.

The video format also makes it simpler to embed the kinds of data that present events for links across the curricula.

The problems are complicated, demanding various levels to resolve. This reflects real-world problem-solving.

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10: AFS

This is a cool Chrome plugin which stands for Advanced Facebook Search that implies search options you can’t even think are reasonable, such as a page where someone is tagged or videos a person likes. Facebook beefed up its onsite search a while ago, so now, one can seek for people, photos, posts, groups, pages, and so on. With the AFS plugin, you can dive even deeper into Facebook. It’s like revealing covered advanced search traits with a tool that’s indeed easy to use. Go to Facebook and start searching as you usually do after you connect the plugin. For example, type the name a page or a person. Click the AFS plugin’s browser icon, based on the search you just did. This option helps an individual to figure out the search seeding to extra-granular. AFS can be used as a research tool by Social media marketers. You might be able to create content in that vein and see what is searchable on Facebook. AFS is free. One can find it in the Chrome Web Store.

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11: MyTimeZone

MyTimeZone is a browser plugin that helps you convert a time from one time zone to another. Highlight a time on a web page, after you install the plugin. It can be done in an email, or anywhere a time arrives in your web browser. A menu option displays the selected time in your time zone When you right-click the selection. MyTimeZone is only possible for Chrome but it is stated that Firefox and Safari versions are arriving soon. This app is free.

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12: Trello Desktop app

The app Trello has combined a desktop version for Windows and Mac. This desktop app can give a satisfying experience than using Trello in the browser. Trello is basically a pin board for tracking items on the to-do list and it works particularly well for teams. You can design cards for a project links, checklists, and add images as well. Trello has a fresh outlook on the new desktop app.  You have an extra real estate for moving your cards around and that too with the option of full-screen. People who use Trello are going to like the new app. Trello has pro (paid) options and is free. Go to Trello.com.

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13: AnyImage

AnyImage is a browser-based tool which is great for posting images to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn. It is particularly important for anyone who wants to post pictures as social cards but lacks the admittance to the back end of their website. AnyImage posts your image as article description or web page, a social card with a title, and image. After you log into the website paste in an image URL and draw the image to the point of your article into the interface or to use AnyImage. Enter the title and description that you want to expand on the social card, select whether you want a small or a large card, and prefer a social platform where the card will appear. The modern part of AnyImage is the preview of the social card. You not only comprehend how your card will look on a chosen platform, but you can also modify the image. With the handy image-editing tools, you can zoom,rotate, and shift the image so it looks just appropriate on social media. AnyImage gives you a URL to use in your social media post when you’re done. Also after completion, it will populate your title, image, and description. You can customize the URL so users see your target destination. Although AnyImage is free to use you’ll need to sign up for an account, to customize the link.

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14: SwiftKey

SwiftKey is a trendy mobile keyboard that determines how you type, your phrases. The more you use SwiftKey, the better it can suggest what you want to type. The SwiftKey has a lot of great features. The best part is that it not only predicts words but also the related emojis. You can swipe (drag your finger around the keys), rather than type everything. Plus, you can sync SwiftKey among your devices, so it will learn from the language you use on both iOS devices and Android. SwiftKey is a free app that you can download for both Android and iOS.

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15: Landscape by Sprout Social

Landscape by Sprout Social streamlines the work of cropping and sizing images for social media. Treatments and image sizes vary across social networks. You need to size, crop, or position the image for an image to look fabulous across all the different platforms. Yo have to do the sizing a little uniquely for each one, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Landscape interprets these image edits. To begin using the tool, upload the picture you want to post on various platforms to SproutSocial.com/landscape. It is the app which then presents to you all the choices and designs images for each platform based on the choices you decide. Try uploading a photo you need to use as a profile picture, select the profile photo option and select the platforms where the image will appear. Landscape thereafter alters the size of the photo and also crops for each platform. This appears in a downloadable zip file with all the separate versions of the image. The landscape is a free web-based tool.

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16: Magisto

Simply upload your movie clips and music to Magisto via desktop browser or smartphone app. Magisto is another editing tool that makes a video to music and applies an editing style by using artificial intelligence. After Magisto syncs the beats in the music with the video’s motion post the examination of your scenes, footage for faces, people, objects, and camera motion, it then uses the type of editing you select. You can choose from a range of many options. For various service levels, Magisto offers tiered pricing. The Magisto app for Android or iOS is free. The premium on an annual basis is $2.49/month, while the professional one will require $9.99/month. The business version is $39.99/month. This app helps you to plan invariance by the number of lengths, clips per month, and so on.

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17: What the Font

WhatTheFont is a mobile app for Android and iOS that helps an individual to recognize fonts effortlessly. Take a picture of the text with the fonts you need to recognize by opening the app. The app then names all of the various fonts and in case you don’t want that exact font it even identifies fonts related to those in your specimen text. The app explains the fonts very promptly. Go to MyFonts.com, to start using WhatTheFont, click the ‘WhatTheFont’, and scroll down to WhatTheFont mobile option. It presents you the links to go to the Android or the iOS store to download. WhatTheFontis a free resource.

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18: Swipe file

SwipeFile.io is an excellent source when you require motivation for the marketing for your social media. This online tool is based on the popular idea of a swipe file, which is a folder of marketing patterns with a feel layout, sound, look, or text that you like so much that you save it for later inspiration. These days, swipe files might involve any kind of online content. SwipeFile.io has collected and synthesized representations online for users, comprising of sections like copywriting, before-and-afters and headlines explainer videos. It is a nice small receptacle of photographs from a collection of various sites.

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