Brings you the key insights for your Search Engine Optimization 2018-19 so that you can minimize the chances of errors and maximize your performance in digital marketing aspects. Here are the list of top 5 trendy activities that you never going to in 2018-19.



  • Search By Voice And Digital Assistants


According to Google, 1 in 5 searches already come from voice queries. Voice searches are a radical change in the way we communicate and involve a change of approach in the way we process information.

Searches in search engines are suffering those changes due to digital assistants. The search engines no longer behave in the same way. The market is changing and also the SEO trends for 2018-19.

In the new SEO strategies, you should focus your efforts on the long tail keywords. This is due to voice searches. And also, you must also take into account the difference between written and oral language. Oral language is more natural, or let’s say, colloquial. This tone of conversation must match the tone of the SEO strategy.

As the accuracy of digital assistants improves, there will be more people using voice search. This practice is more common in mobile devices. Why? Due to its immediacy and the quick response facility of this type of gadgets.

Therefore, this development of digital assistants that will move from mobile devices to all types of platforms, opens the doors to the new SEO strategies that all brands should adopt.



  • Search By Voice And Digital Assistants


Link-building is part of SEO trends for 2018-19 due to the importance of quality links for digital platforms. It is more important to have authority links than to look for new links anywhere. This is not new for marketers, but the reality is that link-building is one of the most successful SEO strategies if it is well done. Therefore, it is an important part of the SEO trends for 2018-19 as it gains more strength than ever.

The traffic should be a reference and although the backlinks come from the most popular websites in general, look for what can improve your brand positioning. This will help improve your organic positioning. Make a guest blogging though with care. In May of last year, Google warned that it would look more closely at the links that were created through the guest blogs. According to Google, the link-building dependency depends too much on the guest blogging.

This highlights the need for a more diversified link building strategy. A strategy that aims to create complete and unique backlinks that offer successful results.



  • Give Importance To Your Smart Phones


There is a significant difference between the way that keywords are classified on mobile devices and how they rank on other devices. Mobile searches are related to the context. This is where local SEO becomes one of the SEO trends for 2018.

Users who use mobile devices will be more active in the network. Which means that local brands will have a new place to market their businesses.

In this sense, it is key for small businesses, the optimization of their platforms aimed at local users. Adding this knowledge to the new information search methods mentioned above, you can create this 2018 an infallible local SEO strategy.

Loading speed, key in mobile strategies

If you are thinking about focusing your efforts on mobile strategies, keep in mind the loading speed. The speed of loading is a prerequisite to offer a good experience to the user and position yourself in the search engines.

Accelerated web pages of Google have made most brands have accelerated versions on their mobile pages. These pages can be up to four times faster than traditional ones. This type of website will grow in 2018 as fast web pages and with an architecture focused on the user.