At present, several web designers are paying more attention to mobile design because users are likely to depend on mobiles for carrying out their shopping needs. The optimized mobile design seems to be a good option for the user & hence it is a good choice for the business progress as well. However, many design trends have been considered highly famous because they enhance website conversations. Due to this reason, it is good to know about latest mobile design trends. Here are 10 mobile design trends which you should not ignore.

Customized Icons

Instead of using the traditional approach for implementing the standard icon design in mobile, it is good to customize icons so that you are sure to catch the attention of the user. Starting from animation to icons, it will certainly create a good impact on end users by offering an authentic experience for them. This recent mobile application design trend is considered as the secured approach to creating new mobile app design because modifications of icon need more efforts and time.

Voice-Activated Interfaces

Voice-activated interfaces in mobile app design are quite useful in simplifying the user operations. Voice interactions allow the user to understand about the app using voice and act accordingly. Other than voice-activated interfaces, the finger-activated interfaces also play an indispensable role in the mobile designs trends in future. Similar to Siri, you can simply log-in or start using voice-activated mobile application with the help of voice orders rather than clicking the button or providing any password.

Fusing Material Design With Flat Design

Providing more complex and attractive elements in flat material design is considered as the new advancement in mobile design trend of 2018. The translucent images and shadow effect are included in the mobile app design to make the user-engaged for more hours. The major reason for this design is the combination of material and flat design having its soft colors and smooth lines offer less strain for user’s eyes & make them engaged for a long time.  This mobile design trend 2018 will facilitate you to include transition, animation, and depth to app design. By using material and flat design combination, the user seems to get one or the other in their mobile design.


Opacity seems to bring plenty of changes in terms of mobile design. However, the same components will be created to look different while you modify their transparency levels. You can make the mobile app to feel and look different by adding opacity to the interface design. You can generate plenty of different designs to bring the distinction between various components of the user interface of the mobile app. For instance, you can implement colorful glassy texture for mobile app elements by altering the opacity of colors and graphics.

Functional Animations & Interactions

Including animations & interactions with fonts, buttons, icons, and photos of mobile app interface will always create a positive impact on mobile users & hence provide more pleasant experience for users. However, micro-interaction which was introduced by Dan Shaffer has been continually used and developed by mobile app designers in 2018. This feature allows the user to easily communicate with mobile apps & get feedback soon.

Simple Curves & Geometrics

With the prevalence of changeable and complicated mobile app design, plenty of designers have been choosing for more natural and simpler design style in terms of mobile app design. For instance, in comparison to mobile app interfaces which is covered with different animations, pictures, buttons, graphics, colors and other complicated elements, the phone interface with simple buttons, geometric and curves seem to be more effective for people to concentrate on major features and functions of the mobile application.

Custom Illustration

This design trend is highly preferred by mobile app designers of 2018. The custom illustration facilitates you to design more connective and responsive interfaces so that users will interact conveniently with the application. This type of design approach facilitates you to include personality of mobile design & create effectual brand awareness among the users. Most of the app development firms have started to use the custom illustration techniques for designing mobile app solutions. The custom illustration for a mobile app like simple style, hand-drawing, paper-cut style not only makes the app distinctive and interesting but also offer high personalities for mobile app & make them high impressive for application users.

Video Content Format

These days, online videos are in massive demand. Video clips are highly appealing because they are unexpected and dynamic. There is a huge demand for full-screen video content. You need to create new methods for developing online videos like Facebook live. If you are in the field of selling products or real-estate business then the 360-degree video is considered as a perfect choice. Know the trick of developing short videos which capture the attention of the viewers in few seconds and hence stays in their memory forever. The videos must be created in portrait orientation rather than horizontal orientation because it is known as a famous format for seeing videos.

Overlapping Effects

The overlap of colors, graphics, and fonts not only make mobile designs distinctive and eye-catching rather it also brings a sense of space. Due to this reason, overlapping of mobile app design seems to be widely preferred by many designers in 2018. In some circumstances, the overlap of similar elements, merging with shadows will make the mobile app design more impressive and fantasy. 

Bio metric Authentication

The biometrics authentication is not considered as a new concept however it is getting massive importance in the year 2018 as banking and financial institutions are making use of this technology. The major stumbling block is password authentication in mobile banking. Fingerprint biometrics is highly preferred authentication modality due to its enormous features like ease of use, accuracy, interoperability, and ability to detect imposters and hackers. The limitations involved in biometrics are identified & the concept seems to be highly beneficial for user and enterprise.

Overall Verdict

To fulfill your Mobile app design, you need to explore & discover diversified app design strategies found in the market. The above-mentioned mobile design trend 2018 will assist you to create an incredible app to grab the attention of audience interest.