When it comes to creating a website for your business, what comes first whether the website design or the content. This is one of the most important questions, which many Web design and Content development professionals deal with. Both professionals are trying to conclude their side comes first to meet the clients business goal.

The debate is still going on but the well-designed website always looks better and fit perfectly with the content. Even though both sides have dissimilar ideas, you cannot have a better-looking website without the designer as well as it is not possible to have a website without content.  

When listening to the argument of both sides, you wish to think that their craft is crucial to the whole process and it should come first, but the reality is not clear-cut. In reality, content writers need the help of the web designers often to render them some limit before they tend to create content.

On the other hand, some of the web designers wish to get actual content before designing the website. This allows them to plan the appropriate way to present and navigate the website details. Some may even say they content writers cannot able to provide content without knowing the website design constraints.

Overall, it often creates a huge conflict between the content writer and designer. It does not matter, what comes first but the value of content is one of the most important constraints in getting the success.

Understand the value of content

Have you ever thought that what sets your business site apart from the huge crowd? It is surely because of the good content that you are website had. Yes, well-crafted and appropriate website content help you deliver the right message into the minds and hearts of the targeted audience. Initially, the success of the website is considered by its excellent content. Other components present in the website such as design, videos, visuals, and so on play a secondary support role.

Do you have valuable taglines? Well, great website design will improve their effectiveness only. Thus, website design does not sell itself. Your site content is always a better start to get success in the hugely competitive world. For that, you have to do proper market research, current content writing trends, and so on. Most importantly, you must determine your HVC (high-value customers) to get success nowadays.

In addition to, you should define your website personas so that you can able to determine the way to target high-value customers.  If you want to capture prospective user’s attention, then you should focus on the wants and needs of the customers. To do so, you have to make customer-centric slogans and taglines. Keep in mind that your site taglines should deliver the right value proposition and should include a useful call to action.

One of the clear-cut and effective keys to having a successful website is having relevant, clear, and keyword rich content. This assist you deliver the appropriate message along with conviction and power. Furthermore, your website content should target your prospective audience, and then engage and make them take an action. Now, you will clearly understand the value of website content.

Website content shapes your site design effectively

If you decide to create the website content first, then you will get a design, which makes you visible to the target audience as the brand. In case, you do not have proper content, your Website designer is actually creating a beautiful statue without eyes. In the online world, content is the king so that you need a proper content to display who you are on the web.  Website design develops around the website will ensure the king can able to do a better job.

Alternatively, when you choose a design-first approach, you are really pushing the king to create the content based on the space, which designer allocated for you. In this procedure, the content plays the second role and therefore it does not make the king be the best. This method usually forces the content writer to develop something, which really fit into certain space. This disturbs the natural flow of better content and prevents them from delivering the right message to the audience in the proper sense.

Keep away from unnecessary frustration and expensive delays

Once you have come up with the decision of designing a website based on the content, you will get to know exact design constraints, which your website needs and makes it look awesome. You will have full glory of content before approving the design. You also know that your site content fits on each page of your site and looks amazing with the design. Thus, you will get the end product as you wish to be. Additionally, you will avoid tension and prevent expensive delays.

In case, you pick design first, you will need to approve the design before seeing the content. This will result in filling the website with dummy content, which would not offer you a realistic and good picture of your site. Moreover, it also troubles the content writer not to offer the exact details in the proper sense. It will also slow down your new site and make everyone who involved in the process frustrated.

Why it is important to hire a professional content writer?

Have you decided to choose content first approach? Well, it is better to hire the professional content writer because they will provide the best result. Since they have huge experience and knowledge in this field, they will help you to meet your needs and demands. Furthermore, they are the one who can work closely with the web designer. Therefore, you will enjoy plenty of benefits by hiring them. They will offer the website content that is:

  • Highly readable in the web format
  • Written in the consistent voices throughout the website pages
  • Specially written for the target audience
  • Optimized for search engines
  • Free of typographical errors and grammatical mistakes